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"Budget on a Napkin"

Central School District is committed to remaining fiscally solvent
by effectively managing current
resources and pursuing
new revenue sources.

Click on the link below to see the new "Budget on a Napkin" report on Central School District's budget.

Budget on a Napkin      


California Common Core Standards (CCSS) 

California has joined a national movement to adopt common standards and assessments for English Language Arts and mathematics. Adopted in California in August 2010, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were developed to prepare K-12 students for college and career readiness. Benchmarked against inter- national standards and top-performing countries, the CCSS also help prepare our students to succeed in a global economy and society. These standards will help ensure that students are receiving a high quality education consistently, from school to school and state to state. 

For more information, please follow the link below:

CCSS Flyer

Cucamonga Middle School CentralPic.png ValleVista1.jpg Doña Merced Elementary School Bear Gulch Elementary School Ruth Musser Middle School Coyote Canyon Elementary School
Status area


RIMS AVID Student Honorees

Every CMS AVID student participated in the 15th Annual RIMS Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) “Write-Off” event.  This 3-day event culminates in a timed writing assignment as follows:

Day 1 – Critical read of a reading piece related to the topic.  Students highlight and annotate for important information.  This year’s topic was “Academic Honesty.”

Day 2 – With notes in hand, students participated in a Socratic Seminar
on the topic....taking notes during this time on valid points made by
their peers.

Day 3 – Using a timed writing guideline, graphic organizer, notes and
the annotated article, students composed a timed writing answering the question....What, if anything, would be the most effective way for officials
to curb cheating?

The following awards were presented to CMS students for their winning articles:

6th Grade Site Winner
7th Grade Site Winner
8th Grade Site Winner
2 - Honorable Mention Winners

AVID Honorees

Congratulations to our student honorees!



"Board Break-a-thon" Donation

On January 29, 2014, Performance Martial Arts Center held a “Board Break-a-thon” in which students raised funds for the school districts where they attend school.  Central School District received a special donation of $566 due to the efforts of three students.  These students and their instructors were invited to the Board meeting to be introduced to the Board.

Martial Arts Donation

Left to Right:   Instructor Jason Cimenski-Almogela and Master Daniel Kim

Thank you for this special donation!!



Local Control Accountability Plan

By July 1, 2014 and annually thereafter, all school districts in California must develop a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) that aligns with their annual budget and identifies the actions they will take to meet state priorities pertaining to teacher qualifications, implementation of the Common Core State Standards, parental involvement, student achievement, student engagement, school climate, student access to a broad course of study and student outcomes.

 Last week the State Board of Education adopted the regulations for the LCAP and districts across California are now working to develop an understanding of the new funding formula requirements in order to make informed programmatic decisions about how they will provide increased and/or improved services to the targeted student groups which include low income students, English learners and foster youth. 

The development of the LCAP requires transparency and stakeholder engagement. In order for district staff to develop such a plan, consultation with school employees, parents, students and community members is necessary.  During the month of February more than 20 different Central School District stakeholder focus groups will meet with district staff to provide input as we develop our district LCAP. 

The final district budget and LCAP will be presented to the Board of Trustees for a first reading in May and approval at its June 12, 2014 meeting.

District Calendar


Click on the links below to view the California Department of Education's "School Snapshots" for all schools in Central School District:

Bear Gulch School

Central School

Coyote Canyon School

Doña Merced School

Valle Vista School

Cucamonga Middle School

Ruth Musser Middle School


Click on the link below to view the
2012 Base Academic Performance Index (API) Report

2012 Base API Report



Lorenzo Paran, III

Tuesday, April 22nd
6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Central School District Office
10601 Church Street, Suite 112
Rancho Cucamonga, CA  91730

Please join us for an evening with Lorezo Paran, III who will be sharing his experiences as an immigrant to the United States from the Philippines and how his experiences led him
to become a writer.

He will share with parents and students ways in which young writers can perfect their skills and perhaps one day
see their writing in print.


CVWD Celebrates
25th Annual Poster Contest

The Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) announced the winners of its annual Fifth Grade Poster Contest on April 9, 2014.  Fifty-four students were recognized by the CVWD Board of Directors.  This celebration marks the 25th year of the poster contest.  This year's theme was "Use Water Wisely, It's a Way of Life."  This year's "sweepstake winner" was an RMMS student.  To see the full article and the winning drawing, click on the link below:

Full CVWD Article


Important Information from our District Nurses

Our District Nurses have compiled a list of health care resources.  This informa- tion is provided below in both English and Spanish.

Health Care Resources (English)

Health Care Resources (Spanish) 
(Recursos para el cuidado de la Salud)

For more information about
Kids Come First Community Health Center
please see flyer below:

Kids Come First (English)

Kids Come First (Spanish)